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When choosing Horizon Windows for your new windows, you will be assured that not only will our products give you a beautiful new look to your home but it will also make your home more secure. Windows can change the overall appearance of a property. We have a wide range of windows, colours and styles to choose from, giving you plenty of choices to tailor your needs. With our new PVC-U windows, you can be rest assured that your new product will not only add a beautiful new look transforming you home, it will also add an energy-efficient advantage to your property. 
Our window products range from Casement, vertical sliders, tilt and turn and much more. Our team will be happy to give you advice on what would be most suitable for your home depending on your requirements. We have a wide range of bespoke colours designed with durability and quality in mind. If you are interested in our windows, please feel free to contact one of our friendly team to help you making the right decision.

Window Styles

Vertical Sliding Sash

Our sliding sash windows have been designed to keep your home fresh and well ventilated. Both top and bottom sashes can be partially opened, allowing fresh air to enter through the lower opening while warm, stale air escapes through the top.

Coloured Windows

Coloured windows and doors offer stunning contemporary looks, unrivalled choice of styles, exceptional energy efficiency and advanced technical design all in one market-leading package. 

Casement Windows

This simple and functional window design is ideal for all types of property. It is the most popular and widely used style of window in the UK. Our casement windows can be either top-hung opening or side-hung opening to suit your requirements, providing excellent ventilation and security.

Window Installation


A-rated planatherm glass


Internally beaded for added security


Argon gas filled – cuts down condensation


70ml window system


Can supply UPVC windows for caravans

​What Does the Energy Efficient Window Ratings Label Tell You?

The BFRC is one of the UK’s national systems for rating Energy Efficient Windows. Its ratings scheme for Energy Efficient Windows is a voluntary scheme that is based upon the EU authorised energy labels, specifically produced for windows that are similar to the energy labels seen on most household appliances.

Look for the label and ask your window installer about their BFRC rated products. If their windows carry a BFRC label they are energy efficient. BFRC labels can be verified by checking the details on the website

Horizon Windows are supplied with A-Rated Planatherm Glass to keep heat in and lower energy bills which improves energy efficiency.